Special Message from the Author

Greetings, intrepid listeners. Here’s some news for you. Publication for the e-book and paperback editions of Rogues of the Black Fury is set for May. I’m so excited! This book has had a long road.

In the meantime, I have a humble request.  On this page, there’s a donate button. I’m asking you to go there, as soon as you can, and make a donation. I’m expecting roughly 30 episodes, give or take.  How much is fair for that many hours of entertainment?   $9.99, $4.99?  For the cost of a single cup of coffee or one good meal or even a single movie, you can make my day, and you’ll feel pretty good about it too.

But let’s sweeten the deal. Donate $25 right now and when the book comes out, I’ll send you a signed copy. You can support the podcast and get your very own hard copy in one click of the mouse. Just email me your donation receipt and the book will be coming your way, for no extra charge. My email address is travis@travisheermann.com.

So, please support this podcast. Just click the donate button.  It’s fast, and it’s easy, and we’ll both feel good about it.

And now, let’s move out.

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