"A rich, engaging, morally complex historical fantasy, deeply embedded in Japanese culture.... Not for the faint of heart, Sword of the Ronin balances action with more intimate drama as both reader and hero question the way forward, and move through a landscape of war and legends to just the right moment of balance before the third volume." – E. C. Ambrose, author of Elisha Barber

"From the first sentence, Travis Heermann weaves a tale that sucked this reader into a rich Japanese tapestry full of ronin, samurai, and magic. It was hard to put this book down to sleep." – Patrick Hester, Hugo-Award-Winning

"Heermann takes everything I loved about Heart of the Ronin (adventure, intrigue, sympathetic characters), puts it in a pressure cooker and serves it with a side of Awesome. Sword of the Ronin is his best novel yet and won't disappoint." – Shaun Farrell, Adventures in SciFi Publishing

"Sword of the Ronin is a raw and energetic adventure that explores deep and eternal themes such as honor, love, and betrayal while maintaining a engaging, humorous, living world. It also has an awesome ronin hero who hacks lots of bad people to bits, if you’re into that sort of thing. Which you definitely should be." – Rich Wulf, author of The Heirs of Ash Trilogy


"I was really impressed by ...
the way [Heermann] uses the werewolf genre to cover some timeless issues of what it's like being a teenager, with the challenges of becoming independent from parents, dealing with grief and loss, developing self-confidence, sexuality and restraint. He manages to touch on so many pertinent themes all in the context of an adventurous fantasy sci-fi werewolf story. Well done!" – Becky Parker, ProAudio Voices

"It's like a supernatural action movie. Think Supernatural plus some Teen Wolf. There are werewolves and secret agents and deadly viruses and cool fighting scenes. I loved it! ... The Wild Boys was definitely one of my top werewolf books of the year (maybe even ever)." – YA Book Season

"The Wild Boys was a fun read, which read easily and quickly, both due to the writing and Mia’s voice.” – A Fantastical Librarian

"I'm glad I pushed past my 'no more werewolves' mindset and gave this book a chance! I really enjoyed it!" – The (YA) Bookcase

"A fast-paced novel about love, loss, and the unforgettable scent of once being human, The Wild Boys is impossible to put down." – Shelly Li, Scholastic-award-winning author of The Royal Hunter: Throne Under Siege

"I recommend The Wild Boys for people who like thrillers, people who like horror, and people who want to read wild chase scenes with plucky heroines (and a dog). " – Kater Cheek, author of the Kit Melbourne series


"Bold, colorful characters pull the reader into an unforgettable adventure with the perfect mix of suspense, intrigue, and action.” – Jeanne Cavelos, author of The Passing of the Techno-mages

"Rogues of the Black Fury mixes a berserk action thriller sharp as a mercenary's sword with hard-bitten fantasy so gritty it might scour your bones clean by the time you're done." – Matt Forbeck, author of The Amortals and Carpathia

"Heermann's Rogues is epic, exciting, and a hell of a lot of fun! From the very beginning, the world he crafts feels alive and real. By the last page, I didn't want to leave. Adventure at its finest, honed to a gleaming bloody edge." – Marcus Pelegrimas, author of the Skinners series

"A rollicking read choc-a-bloc with pace, action, and adventure." – Fantasy Book Critic

"A very entertaining read. ... For fans of Glen Cook or Jeff Salyards Rogues of the Black Fury could be a great read for a dark winter afternoon." – A Fantastical Librarian

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"Full of sword battles, intrigue, romance and fantastic elements blending well with historical ones, Heart of the Ronin is a very impressive opening in the Ronin Trilogy. It’s also a page turner that you can’t put down and will leave readers begging for more." – Fantasy Book Critic

"A fusion of historical fiction and adventure fantasy, the first volume of Heermann's Ronin Trilogy is a page-turning folkloric narrative of epic proportions." – Publishers Weekly

"Heart of a Ronin is a solid, likeable adventure story, sure to please fans of Japanese culture and fantasy readers alike." – Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing

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"Snakes provokes a gut-wrenching emotional response, perhaps because by using snakes as a motif, it speaks to one of our most primitive fears. ... For a 30-page story to have such a deep, powerful and abiding effect shows that Travis Heermann is a master, ranking up there with Aesop and the Greek myth writers." – Rose Cimarron, Goodreads Reviewer