A Special Message

I hope you’re enjoying Rogues of the Black Fury. The story is just getting started. In meantime, I just wanted to you listeners for moment. Since you’ve already heard Episode 5, you already know that we have Danielle McCarville as a guest performer. There’ll be another special guest performer a little later on. If you’re familiar with my other audiobook podcast, Heart of the Ronin, you’ll recognize Danielle, and I’m delighted have her back applying her charm and talents to this story too. If you’re not familiar with Heart of the Ronin, feel free to check it out in iTunes or Podiobooks.com.
Rogues of the Black Fury will be coming out from E-Reads in e-book and trade paperback in a few months.
I also have a special offer for you. If you look at the podcast home page, you’ll see that Donate button over there on the right. That’s how you show me that you’re enjoying the story, but I’m prepared to give something back. If you donate $25.00 or more to the Rogues of the Black Fury Podcast, I’ll send you a signed copy of the novel, shipping included. Readers from outside the U.S. who would like this deal need to donate a total of $35.00 to cover the extra shipping charges. Hours and hours of audio entertainment and a signed copy, all for showing your support.

Thank again!

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