Episode 32

The final episode, where threads are tied up, or left unraveled for future adventures.

Episode 30

The battle for control of the conspirators’ stronghold rages, but where is Bella?

Special Guest Performer: Mary Rodgers

Episode 29

Javin and the Furies arrive at the enemy stronghold. Mayhem ensues.

Episode 28

Sasha is tortured for information by her captors. Bella prepares herself for the horrors to come. The mastermind of the abductors plots his next move.

Special guest performers: Mary Rodgers and Danielle McCarville

Episode 27

Janus Wollstone confronts Taril for his duplicitous behavior. Javin and the Furies arrive too late to find Bella, but the trail is still fresh.

Episode 26

Bella agonizes over Sasha’s capture. Meanwhile, Javin and the other two recruits search for the rest of the Furies amid a city up in arms against them.

Special Guest Performer: Danielle McCarville

Episode 25

Javin, Tonin, and Maggot lay low as best they can, waiting for the opportunity to rejoin the Furies. Sasha goes looking for the missing recruits and finds trouble.

Special guest performer: Mary Rodgers

Episode 24

Javin and the other recruits find themselves cut off from the rest of the Furies–and hunted. The mastermind of the conspirators expands his web of intrigue with plans to reignite and expand the war.

Episode 23

Javin and the rest of the Furies infiltrate hostile territory, and Javin finds something he did not expect. Meanwhile, the conspirators continue their nefarious schemes.

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Episode 22

Bella gets a shocking glimpse of what lies in store for her, and of how her captors breed such blind fanaticism.

Special Guest Performer: Danielle McCarville

Episode 21

Bella and her captors arrive at what could be her final destination, and she finds herself clapped in chains of slavery, along with dozens of other women. Special guest performer: Danielle McCarville!

Episode 20

Yes, after a six-week delay caused by sickness and compounded by computer repairs, we finally have a new episode!

Javin faces near-crippling moral dilemmas.  As Bella’s pursuers whisk her onward toward her ultimate destination, the Furies must resort to cold-blooded slaughter to stay secret, to stay hidden. Javin wonder how much of his humanity will remain, even if they succeed.

Episode 19

A narrow miss to rescue Bella lands Javin and the Furies in the middle of a hostile countryside, and force some hard choices about how to accomplish their mission.
Special Guest performer: Danielle McCarville!

Episode 18

Bella’s captors shed their false identities and begin to reintegrate with their countrymen, but perhaps the land of piety and righteousness is not everything they dream. In the clutches of a temple priesthood, Bella is attacked.
Special guest performer: Danielle McCarville!

Episode 17

Javin’s training with the Black Furies begins in earnest aboard the swift, commandeered pirate ship. Meanwhile, Bella seems to get farther and farther away. She senses the end of her journey drawing near.
Special guest performers: Mary Rodgers and Danielle McCarville

Episode 16

Pirates get a nasty surprise on the high seas. Suspicion and fear strike deep in Norgard, and Janus Wollstone wrestles with the possibility that he has a city full of spies.

Episode 15

Javin joins the Black Furies as they set sail in pursuit of Bella’s abductors, but the seas are not a safe place.

Episode 14

Javin chooses a companion as he sets off to find the Black Furies. Bella discovers in despair that she has more power than she expected.

Episode 13

A strange Farthi ship sails into Norgard harbor, and the conspirators plot their next move.

Episode 12

Sasha and the Black Furies move quietly into action. Bella’s captivity takes a turn for the worse. Special guest performers: Mary Rodgers and Danielle McCarville!

Episode 11

With Janus found, badly wounded, Taril’s motivations carefully veiled, and startling revelations to absorb, Javin must make a difficult decision.

Episode 10

Taril Wollstone and Rusk face off over the missing Grand General’s orders. Javin goes back to Norgard, tail between his legs, to discover that his father is missing, and forces may already be moving to replace him.

Episode 9

Janus catches up with the conspirators in the bowels of the Underground.  Javin makes his way back to the Rook’s Nest with the precious red sash.

Episode 8

Does Javin have what it takes to join the Black Furies’ search for Bella?  Does he want to find out?

Episode 7

Javin meets his first Black Fury, confirming his worst fears. Janus closes in on the trail of Bella’s abductors, and discovers a startling new complexity to the conspiracy against him.

A Special Message

I hope you’re enjoying Rogues of the Black Fury. The story is just getting started. In meantime, I just wanted to you listeners for moment. Since you’ve already heard Episode 5, you already know that we have Danielle McCarville as a guest performer. There’ll be another special guest performer a little later on. If you’re familiar with my other audiobook podcast, Heart of the Ronin, you’ll recognize Danielle, and I’m delighted have her back applying her charm and talents to this story too. If you’re not familiar with Heart of the Ronin, feel free to check it out in iTunes or Podiobooks.com.
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Episode 6

The conspirators in Bella’s abduction plot their next move. Janus and Taril discuss politics, options, and the Black Furies.

Episode 5

Bella finds herself to be a helpless captive aboard a ship bound for unknown lands. But who are her captors?

Episode 4

Janus breaks the news to Javin that he will be removed from command of the Blue Dragons and sent to join Rusk and the Black Furies. However, Javin must first pass Rusk’s tests. If Javin is not man enough to pass Rusk’s tests, where does that leave him?

Episode 3

Janus Wollstone, the Grand General of Cusca, tries to hold himself, and his country, together after his daughter’s abduction. Desperate for every weapon at his disposal, he calls in Rusk, commander of the Black Furies.

Episode 2

Bella Wollstone, daughter of the Janus Wollstone, the Grand General of Cusca, has been abducted by some of her own bodyguards, and Javin is injured. How will their father respond to this catastrophe?

Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode!  You’re in for a thrilling ride.

If you enjoy the story, I would love to hear your feedback.  Please feel free to leave comments here or send me an email.